Our history

Welcome on our website devoted to wonderful Newfoundlands and thank you for your interest.

When I was a little girl, I saw a "black bear" for the first time in Germany. Since then, I have always looked forward to a summer trip as I knew I would see the dog again. From a child's point of view, she seemed to be enormous. The dog was moving slowly, always greeting me cheerfully. Most of the time she wassleeping in the shade. It was a female dog called Bora.

I've always liked big animals and I wanted very much to have one like Bora some day.

Together with my husband we started talking more often about having a dog. Although we had different ideas concerning the breed, I had only one... After many talks we decided to buy a newfoundland, so I started phoning dog breeders. I didn't care about dog's parents. I wanted a black dog and I wanted himnow! My dream came true in winter 2009. My husband went to bring a dog, while I was waiting with my small son at home. In the evening, when I was sitting in the armchair feeding my baby, the door opened. I saw a beautiful little "ball" approaching me falteringly. It was Aldo, a male dog from Zazula breeding, born on 23 November 2008. I felt such joy that my eyes were filled with tears of happiness. Since then, we have started our adventure with dog shows.

Nearly two years later, I returned to the topic of buying another puppy. I dreamt of a female dog from beautiful parents. I entered the website of "Zaloga Nelsona", where there were puppies from excellent, titled parents. After a conversation with a breeder (Mr Roman Szczepański) I decided to buy a female dog. In summer 2010, we brought a wonderful black bitch called MADAME BUTTERFLY (Bajla - born on23 June 2010).