Buying a puppy


Despite the fact that our breeding is one of the newest ones, we strive for it to be one of the best.


Taking into consideration different sad stories and unfortunate cases we heard of or read about, as well as problems that buyers of small newfoundlands have to face, we do our best so that new fans of newfoundlans would not be disappointed with this breed.


It is enough to search through Internet fora, thematic portals or social networking websites to see various problems potential buyers contend with. That is why we work for puppies' parents to have proper dog show achievements, we make sure they are not related, we check and thoroughly analyze a pedigree of potential parents so that our puppies would not have problems with dysplasia and other health complications.


We don't choose partners as fast and cheap as we can, but we look for them closely. It is important for us that the puppies have right postures, pretty coat and proper psyche.


We present a few facts connected with our dogs which may be helpful for potential buyers to portray the life of dogs in Gryfia Dolina.


• Our dogs prefer to be outside. Although they have their coop and kennel, they don't use these facilities.


Having over 2000 square metres of a yard, they have a freedom to choose their own spot to rest.


• If they want to, we have no objections for them to stay at home. Our house is sizeable so there is enough space. However, they do it more often in the summer, when they are hot. Because of the fact that we have underfloor heating, during the winter dogs prefer to stay outside.


• A pregnant dog all the time stays with us at home. After delivery, she's at home, in the room, in a special place with her puppies.


• We take dogs at least 2 times a day for a walk to a nearby forest, where they run and play as much as they wish. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. Please feel free to contact us either on the phone or via e-mail. For more information click Contact. If you wish us to contact you, please fill the contact form. You are also welcome to visit us after prior notice.